Social Skill Groups / Friendship Groups in the Vancouver Area

          Compiled by Wendy Holtan, August, 2014

ABA Learning Centre - http://abacentre.ca/our-autism-programs/adolescents/social-skills-groups 

Base their teaching on combination of: Garcia-Winner/Grey/Attwood/Dunn-Buron
Done at the Centre with peers (ASD & typical)

ACT BC - http://www.actcommunity.ca/aid-search/?keywords=social+skills&sch=y&submit=Search

         This page lists the social skills agencies available.  There are many listed using methods from Garcia-Winner/Baker/Buron/and others.

        Within this list is Sheila Threndyle http://www.threndytalk.com/ a North Vancouver woman offering social skills training through groups & camps

CBI Monarch House - http://www.cbi.ca/web/monarchhouse-vancouver/group-programs

         offer Superflex and PEERS

Canucks Autism Network - http://www.canucksautism.ca

        Programs available for school or camps at their site. 

Friend2Friend - http://www.friend2friendsociety.org/

         offers Pamela Wolfberg’s Integrated Playgroups

         They have a simulation presentation that affords kids a taste of varied sensory experiences meant to echo the experiences of ASD and puppet presentations to demystify autism.